Dialogue on Chinese Traditional Culture between Pipa Virtuoso Zhao Cong and Professor Zhang Rulun

On April 19, a large-scale cultural event themed “Listening to the Chinese Sound” was held at Fudan. ZhaoCong, principal pipa playerof the China National Traditional Orchestra,and Liu Xingchen, associate professor from Central Conservatory of Music, perform music pieces of pipa and piano. After the performance, Professor Zhang Rulun gave a keynote speech on Chinese traditional culture and liberal education. Students and teachers enjoyed an extraordinary audio-visual feast of music and philosophy.

Zhao Cong, a world-renowned pipa player,visited over 50 countries and districts and performed in the G20 summit. This time,she performed with consummate skillsthe famous solo pieces moonlit river in spring and ambush on all sides. Also, sheplayedblossom accompanied by the playing of piano byLiu Xingchen. She also introduced to the audience performing techniques and knowledge of pipaand shared her experiences of popularizing traditional Chinese music.

Professor Zhang expressedhis views oncultivation by music. He emphasized the significance of self-cultivation and moral education on studentsandillustrated the subtle influence of music on mental growth and expansionof one’s horizon.

Professor Zhang and Zhao Cong also exchanged their views on how to raise the international influence of Chinese traditional music and ways toenhance Chinese students’ cultural confidence.